Sweetbriar #1 (ebook)
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"Oh, what a book the story of my life would make!" —Louisa Boren Denny
The Beginnings of an Empire and the Story of a Remarkable Love. Louisa Boren journeys West to carve out a new way of life. Out of her rugged determination and deep faith comes an enduring love and the founding of one of America's greatest cities—Seattle.

Twenty-four and unmarried, Louisa is an unusual woman for the year 1851. And she knows what she wants—David Denny. An empire builder, David is a born pioneer and destined to be the founder of Seattle, Washington. But he is only nineteen...and younger brother to James, whose love for Louisa runs deep.

This first in Brenda Wilbee's best-selling Seattle Sweetbriar Series is a story of remarkable love and the conception and birth of Seattle, Washington.
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Sweetbriar Bride #2 (ebook)
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"Oh, what a book the story of my life would make!" —Louisa Boren Denny
Beautiful Louisa Boren. 24 and unmarried, is an unusal woman for the year 1851. And she knows what she wants; his name is David Denny, and he is destined to be the founder of Seattle. 

The Sweetbriar Bride brings the continuing saga of Sweetbriar, the remarkable love story of Louisa Boren and David Denny, and the growing pains of one of America's greatest cities. The scenes have changed, but the challenges of life are no different today than in the mid-1800's: The conflict of human relationships, the struggle for balance in an unblanced world, the stengthening of love amidst the uncertainties of life.
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Sweetbriar Spring #3 (ebook)
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"Oh, what a book the story of my life would make!" 
—Louisa Boren Denny

In 1851 two women kissed each other goodbye in a sweetbriar garden. They wept for they knew they’d never see each other again. Louisa was moving to Oregon.

At 24 years old Louisa Boren bids farewell to her childhood home and friends, and begins her journey toward destiny. Sweetbriar Spring, the captivating sequel to Sweetbriar and Sweetbriar Bride, continues this remarkable love story of Louisa and David Denny duing the long, dark winter of 1854. Today her sweetbriar mingle with the wild roses that bloom each spring in the Northwest—a tribute to the victory of faith, hope, and love amidst worry and anxiety over agitated Indians, war aflame in Europe, and devastating news at home.

But not all is grim in 1854.
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Sweetbriar Summer #4 (ebook)
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"Oh, what a book the story of my life would make!" —Louisa Boren Denny
Summer 1854 finds Louisa and David, and baby Emily Inez, on their claim in today's Seattle Center, caught up in the first fruits of their labor and basking in their hard-won hopes and dreams.

New settlers, new industry, added shipping lines, gold beyond the mountains—everything adds up to strong economic times. Yet beneath the heady air of prosperity runs a current of fear as rumors of Indian unrest ominously rumble.

In the middle of everything comes word that David's brother James is dying. Will Louisa and David abandon their improvements and rush to his bedside in far-away Oregon? Can they even make it in time?
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Sweetbriar Autumn #5 (ebook)
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"Oh, what a book the story of my life would make!" —Louisa Boren Denny
When SWEETBRIAR AUTUMN opens, war erupts 30 miles southeast of Seattle. Outlying settlers and farmers flee for the safety of town, including Louisa and David's friends, the Brannans. 

Assured of safety by the acting governor and autumn's harvest, the Brannans and other families and farmers return—to hostile Indian territory. Tays later, they flee back downriver with the cry, "Indians!" They report gunfire, smoke, and blood-curdling screams from farther upriver where Elizabeth and Will Brannan live. Louisa's beloved husband must go at once to the rescue. Or will it be to bury the dead?
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Sweetbriar Hope #6 (ebook)
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"Oh, what a book the story of my life would make!" —Louisa Boren Denny
Historians agree. Louisa Boren Denny was the epitome of the pioneer woman. She endured the Oregon Trail and laid to rest the first foudation of an American city. In this sixth, and final, novel in the Seattle Sweetbriar Series, Puget Sound's Treaty Wars move ever cloer to Seattle.

When Owhi and his allies attack Seattle at dawn, David Denny races to join fellow pioneers in quick defense of their vulnerable position. Lousia,  eight months pregnant, is left to huddle in a darkened blockhouse with the other panicked women and children. They can only hope and pray
—and wait out the bloody crossfire between navy cannon and native gunfire.

Will David's friendship with Chief Seattle and others Indians be enough to save Seattle? 
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Shipwreck! (ebook)
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Based on the diary of Emily Woodridge, Shipwreck! chronicles a never-to-be-forgotten tale of love and courage on the high seas.

“Emily, why must you go?” her sister asked. Emily had only one answer. “I love him.”

It was 1870. Emily and her husband, Captain Richard Gurney Wooldridge, were setting sail on the adventure of their dreams. Destination—the Horn of South America and beyond. Invoragated by life at sea, Emily is determined to find her identity in a world of men and take her rightful place beside her husband. Then tragedy stikes. In the face of impossible odds, Emily seeks inner strength of faith in God to face the outward circurcmstances.

She must...her life depends on it.

[NOTE: Not yet available. Please contact me—link below—to sign up for a notification notice.]
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Skagway: It's All About The Gold
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Are you taking a cruise to Alaska? Then here's the GO-TO book for the curious!

Skagway: It's All About The Gold is the book every Skagway tourist is looking for; a brief but concise and pictorial history of Skagway, AK, at the time of the 1898 Gold Rush—and an expansion of everything seen and heard but which none can hope to remember.

Recognized three times by Princess Cruise Lines as Tour Guide of the Month and popular on Trip Advisor, Brenda invites you to take a tour with her through pages that will keep Skagway and its earliest days ever alive...
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Taming The Dragons

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"Is there really a dragon out there? Wait...I'm supposed to do something about it?" —Eve, the Innocent

IN THIS HIGHLY CREATIVE APPROACH to the problems all women face in varying degrees througout their lives, Brenda Wilbee identifies the many choices women have when faced with conflict and pain. Beginning with Eve the Innocent, Wilbee asserts that even though women would like to go back to the Garden of Eden and childhood innocence, they must confront their inner and outer dragons and grow beyond denial into the kind of action that brings a strong and healthy self-awareness—and allows us all to become a healing force in the world

Based on six archetypes identified by Carol S. Pearson in The Hero Within, Brenda defines six major choices women have at their disposal for any given conflict. Each choice is explained using women from the Bible, history, literature and fairy tale, and from contemporary women and herself. Her research is extensive and woven throughout the stories.

Wilbee, a gifted writer and a keen observer of life, has written a book that could not be more timely for women as well as men.
..........—Bruce Larson, author of Living Beyond Our Fears

A wonderful application of ideas in The Hero Within to the issue of conflict resolution for women in a conservative context. It is well filled with stories, examples, and pertinent biblical parallels.
..........—Carol S. Pearson, author of  The Hero Withing

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Thetis Island (ebook)

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"Take it easy, the doctor's on his way."

Theresa Parker has waited four years to marry Ron, who finally tells her "it's not God's will." She goes to Thetis Island in British Columbia, Canada, to get over her heartbreak and there meets Shawn Malone. When Ron follows her, full of regret, she realizes her future lies elsewhere.

The past is over. God had collected her tears and turned them into tears of joy.
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Body Memory Works Both Ways

by Brenda Wilbee on May 19, 2018

Grandpa's BenchWe often talk about body memory when it comes to trauma. We can forget it works both ways. Body memory can take us back to the very best of our lives.

When I painted my grandfather's garden bench and found some new cushions I liked, I sat down with a good book—and was surprised by the serenity I felt. I noticed the same sensation when I went out to read a second time. The serenity came from deep within, from some mysterious place. The third time I went out, I put down my book to just feel it—and within seconds the same serenity and contentment returned. What was going on?

It finally came to me. My body was remembering sitting on this very same bench with my grandfather as a six- and seven-year-old kid, out by his fishpond, overlooking Boundary Bay and where I'd been born.

But it wasn't just Grandpa's bench. . .
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on being 17: molestation and forever wayne

by Brenda Wilbee on May 12, 2018

Brenda Wilbee in coverallsTHE "SUMMER OF 17" a young girl moved to Arizona...that would be me.

I'd suffered a back-from-death experience the summer I turned 17, and my health that fall was such that I'd been given the choice of either going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN—or go live with family friends moving to Tempe, AZ. Let me see, eenie-meanie-miney-moe... My mother and I hitched a ride with a couple who happened to be driving down, and I arrived at the Ney's house on October 26, 1969.

In this "Year of 17," it was the worst of times because the doctor under whose care my mother placed me before going home to Iowa, molested me. A well-known Christian man, he was also the leader of Young Life at Scottsdale High, and therefore his molestation was a double whammy—an assault on my emerging sexuality (and hence my identity), and he dragged God into it. The worst of times, yes.

Yet it was the best of times. It truly was. For I had Wayne.
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fear and faith

by Brenda Wilbee on May 05, 2018
TigerBRUCE LARSON, a former pastor, used to ask, "What would you do in life if you weren't afraid?

I'm reading Katie's Life of Pi and Yann Martel deals with this a lot via his main character Pi. Pi is sharing a lifeboat on the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger, and probably someone who knows a little about fear--and faith. Pi says: I must say a word about fear. It is life's only true opponent. Only fear can defeat life. 
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Footloose and Fancy Free

by Brenda Wilbee on Mar 27, 2018
Wayne and MEIGHTEEN YEARS OLD and headed for college—that was years ago. I was living in Mesa, AZ, and on "move in" day at at Grand Canyon College, Fall 1970, my best friend Wayne rolled into the drive with a borrowed VW van. I had everything ready: Six orange crates of everything I owned. Since then I've moved a bit. Okay, a lot. And with each move, I drag more "stuff." I was fifty when I started to downsize. My father told me it happens. That psychologically we begin yearning for simplicity. I'm sixty-five now. I crave simplicity. And I've finally figured out why.
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On Aging

by Brenda Wilbee on Jan 30, 2018
Old frazzled woman"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO what a ride!'"

—Hunter S. Thompson, The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman. 

Of course, this was written by a man.
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It's A Bit Like Polishing A Turd

by Brenda Wilbee on Jan 18, 2018
Downtown Skagway AKSKAGWAY ALASKA has a housing issue. This town of 900 year-round residents live in a  paradise hamlet just a few blocks wide and twenty blocks long. Snowy mountains rise straight up to the east and west. This narrow valley almost immediately begins to pinch down from four blocks wide to three to one to a tight squeeze that zig-zags up the Klondike Highway to the summit of White Pass and into the Canadian Yukon beyond. A town conceived, birthed, and sustained by the Gold Rush of 1897/98, it’s a tourist Mecca. Almos t1,000,000 people will pass through here before the summer’s end and it takes an influx of 1,500 “summer staffers” to man the plethora of jewelry stores and adventure getaways, everything from necklaces carved from woolly mammoth tusks to helicopter rides out to the glacier fields to 4-wheeling up to Yukon glaciers. Where do all us “summer staffers” reside for the five months of the “season?"
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Me From The Mists of Time

by Brenda Wilbee on Jan 15, 2018
Brenda Wilbee with apple in mistI EMERGE FROM THE MISTS OF TIME, dating back to 5th and 6th centuries, for I come from the very first kings and queens of England, Scotland, and France. But it's from John of Gaunt and Katherine de Roet that my heritage seems to revolve, ironically the first English generation not royalty. Yet these 18th great-grandparents of mine have become, for me, the centerpiece of a complicated family tree firmly rooted in the United Kingdom with numerous graftings from France and much of Northern Europe. But here it is from the beginning.
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A Shout Out To Anderson Cooper and CNN

by Brenda Wilbee on Jan 14, 2018
Leika, Alice, and Evelyn
CNN, PLEASE THANK ANDERSON COOPER  for his reflection of Haiti in the shadow of Trump's latest show of bigotry and hate. My precious granddaughter is Haitian and came to us a child scarred by chaos and death, and who today knows much loss. Her mother died in childbirth, her father two years later in the earthquake. Her granny took her in but after a year had to give her up to an orphanage. Then her Granny sickened and died. 
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