Editing Your Book

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This is a good option if you're in progress. I can help you grapple with structure, focus, development, and clarity by providing direction and hands-on help. 

I do less editing and more design now, devoting most of my time to to designing your book after it's edited. I am not adverse, however, to taking on a new project if I can get really excited about it. If not, I work with editors who can and will! For your convenience, I've provided definitions of the various stages of EDITING. They are summaries only and are often used interchangeably.

The ellipses here ... will link you to further details.

The copy editor makes a manuscript compliant with standard English grammar and punctuation and is the most common level of editing. Very little is a judgment call. Authors receive a pencil-edited compliant manuscript.

The Style Editor standardizes the formatting of text according to one of four manuals. There's no right or wrong way to head a chapter but consistency is necessary. Author receives a pencil-edited formatted manuscript.

The Substantive Editor (sometimes called developmental or content editor) addresses the functional issues, pointing out elements that derail the narrative by assessing logic, clarity, structure, and organization. The Substantive Editor renders the narrative clear, concise, and easy to read at the sentence, paragraph, and chapter level. Ultimately, she makes the manuscript functional for readers. Authors receive suggestions for author reflection and a heavily pencil-marked functional manuscript.

PROOF EDITING—I's Are Dotted, T's are Crossed
The Proof Editor reviews your material before going to typesetting. Making sure every letter and every word are correct. This is not something you want me to do.


FAMILY HISTORY—I'm really into family history. I help you find ways to set your ancestors in place, context, and time. And I work with you on the old photos and mementos.

FICTION—I love biographical novels, historical novels, contemporary women's fiction, Biblical fiction, high drama page turners, and slow, character-driven stories. I like it all. Put me in a new setting where someone is forced to encounter themselves—and give me some skin in the game. I don't do science fiction, horror, or anything above the sweet romance grade.

NONFICTION—if the topic interests me, also memoirs and family histories.

I'm tough because I like editors who are tough. It's how I learned to write—and how I continue to improve. The thing to keep in mind is you're in charge. You decide how much input you want, and you have the last say. And I do try to be nice. I appreciate the process and will always point out and praise the areas that really work.

Drop me an email. I'd love to talk.

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