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I speak on

..........What's It Like to Die?
..........Taming the Dragons: Overcoming Conflict
..........Miracles Are Coming Your Way!

............Living With Chronic Illness Abuse in the Church: When God Becomes the Enemy
..........Jesus and the Marginalized
..........Jesus and Women
..........Women to Learn From: historical, biblical, literary, and contemporary
..........Women's Psychology—So Diifferent Than Men
..........Writing: Your Memoir
..........Writing: The Art and Craft
..........Writing: All Aspects of Nonfiction, Creative Nonfiction, Fiction, and Historical

A history of engagements (red), topics (black).
PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 1986  Moderator  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Spring Conference 1988  Plotting and Character Development I and II  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 1988: Moderator: New Women, New Writing • Moderator: Writing the River workshop  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 1988  Moderator: History of Religious Publishing  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Midwinter Conference 1991  Nonfiction: Telling The Truth With Passion  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 1992  Roads To TheRomance Market  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: MidWinter Conference 1999  Fiction  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 2000  Introduce Mary Jane Ryan  Introduce Angela Rinaldi  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 2001  How To Write A Great Novel Part I  How To Write A Great Novel Part II  PACIFIC NW WRITERS ASSOCIATION: Summer Conference 2002  Moderator: Roads To The Romance Market  WHATCOM COMMUNITY COLLEGE: Speaker Series 2002  Taming the Dragons  SW SEATTLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY 1989  The Denny Party at Alki: A Sesquicentennial Look Back  SW SEATTLE HISTORICAL SOCIETY 2002 March Speaker Series  The Boren and Denny Families  SEATTLE CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION  Played Louisa Boren  WRITE ON THE SOUND Writers Conference 2000  Using Viewpoint to Your Advantage  Researching and Writing the Romantic (or not so romantic) Saga  WRITE ON THE SOUND Writers Conference 1999  Blueprints for Nonfiction  THE LOG HOUSE MUSEUM  The Early History of Seattle  VILLAGE BOOKS  Commemorating Don McLeod  WRITERS INFO NETWORK: Workshop  Dispelling Myths: Stuff I Learned About Writing and Publishing After My First Book  WASHINGTON CHRISTIAN WRITERS FELLOWSHIP  The Foundations of Fiction  ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA 1988  Press Room Volunteer  ROMANCE WRITERS OF AMERICA 1990  Press Room Volunteer  EASTSIDE WRITERS 1986  The Bare Bones of Fiction  KOMO 4 TOWN MEETING  Bellingham's Anti Pornography Bill  KIWANIS CLUB 1988  Women In Character and True Life  WRITERS' INFORMATION NETWORK  Historical Fiction  SHERWOOD FOREST ELEMENTARY SCHOO Reading and Writing For Children  SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIIVERSITY Writers Conference 1989  Characterization: The Very Life of Fiction  Keeping an Active Idea File  WARM BEACH WRITERS CONFERENCE 1986  Fiction • GILMAN VILLAGE BOOKS  Researching & Writing Historical Fiction  ADVENT CHRISTIAN WOMEN'S SPRING RETREAT 2003  Taming The Dragons  KTDW TV: May 1988  Regarding Louisa: Mother of Seattle  KCIS RADIO: May 1988  Regarding Sweetbriar Books  KTBW TV: July 1988  Regarding Ken Wales and PNWA  INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S WRITING GUILD  Do You Really Need an Agent?  RELIGIOUS RECOVERY Conference  Taming The Dragons  FIRST EDITION BOOKSTORE  Writing the Historical Novel  FOURTH CORNER COMMUNITY CHURCH  Moderator: Recovering From Divorce Series  FIRST EDITION BOOKSTORE  Writing the Historical Novel  LAKE WASHINGTON VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE Writers in Action  Romance Writing  SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIVERSITY Writers Conference 1992  Fiction Technique  GOD USES INK Writers Conference  Fiction Writing  CENTENNIAL BOOK FAIRE • Getting Published • WRITERS IN ACTION  Romance Writing  EPA Conference 1990  Characterization  CKIS RADIO Phone Interview  Cross Talk Magazine / Sweetbriar books  KNHC RADIO Classroom Taping  Commercial Writing  KEZX RADIO Tom Charle Sweetbriar books  KIRO Radio Midday with Dave Ross  Sweetbriar Books  KGNW RADIO with Frosty Fowler  Sweetbriar Summer  KING RADIO Carl Dombeck Show  Sweetbriar Books  WRITERS INFORMATION NETWORK  Dispelling the Myths: Stuff I Learned About Writing After Doing My First Book  KOMO TV Live Interview 5:00 News  Romance Writing  GIILLMAN VILLAGE BOOKS  Sweetbriar Bride  WHATOM COUNTY LIBRARY NIGHT  History As Fiction  PACIFIC NW ASSOCIATION OF CHURCH LIBRARIES  Why I Wrote The Sweetbriar Books  DIGHTMAN'S BOOKSTORE Author's Party  The Sweetbriar Series  WASHINGTON PRESS ASSOCIATION 1993  Editorial Pitfalls To Watch For  SEATTLE FREELANCES  The Bones of Writing Fiction  Publishing Historical Integrity

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