Brenda Wilbee

Brenda Wilbee's stack of books and tapes

HEY! I'm Brenda, an award-winning author of articles by the scads—I'm even in Zondervan's Devotional Bible, yup, me and Moses—with ten books of my own, 700,000+ copies sold.

My latest book, TAMING THE DRAGONS: Powerful Choices for Women in Conflict and Pain, and SKAGWAY: It's All About the Gold are featured below and available for sale.
That's about me, now about you! 

I can help you write that book you've always wanted to write. A writing coach, I will work with you to find your voice and craft it well. I also have a design studio for writers and publishers who need book design, typesetting, illustration, layout, and promotional material. Check it out.
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