Brenda WilbeeHow can I help?

Hey, Brenda here. I'm a writer and book designer. With over 700,000 books sold, a Master's degree in Professional Writing, and years of academic and commercial teaching experience—and with a passion for narrative and imagery—I am uniquely equipped to help other writers from beginning to end. You can find it all right here!

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Some of my clients include service organizations, publishing houses, academia—and scads of writers. For specifics on who I am and what I do, please refer to the designated tabs.

BRENDA GOT ME FOCUSED...telling me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. She challenged me to excel. She got chapters reorganized. She corrected verb tenses, sharpened dialog, found key words buried in hasty conclusion. Brenda is tops.  —Deanna Nowadnick, Bouquet of Wisdom: Reflections from the Garden

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