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I'VE BEEN WRITING since Grade One. I had no idea where it would take me ...  
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Three of my Sweetbriar books were selected for Guidepost's one-shot book club, two were chosen for Family Life book club, and Shipwreck! is condensed and packaged with Chuck Swindoll's Laugh Again.

Three Sweetbriar novels were translated into Dutch; the same three were transcribed into Braille. For the WA State Centennial, the Seattle Sweetbriar books were recognized on the "Washington State Bookshelf," and my first book, Sweetbriar, has been in the past a part of the Suggested Reading list for Seattle's fourth graders studying WA history.

My cassette tapes on writing fiction and romance come from seminars I did for the Pacific NW Writers Conference. Six are packaged as Fiction That Sells, six Romance That Sells.

I've been a long-time contributor to Guidepost's Daily Devotionals; my work appears in Zondervan's Women's Devotional Bible #2; Guideposts Best Loved Stories; Inside Religious Publishing, fiction chapter; and my articles have appeared in over 100 national and international publications.

In addition, I've appeared on numerous radio and TV shows; acted as press agent for Washington's wheelchair athletes; worked the pressroom for the Romance Writers of America at their annual conferences; served both on and off board for the Pacific Northwest Writers Association for the past twenty years; and am a frequent speaker at historical societies, local professional groups, elder hostels, writers conferences, and press conventions. I've shared the platform with authors and screen writers such as Paul Brandt, Sherwood Wirt, Lee Roddy, Laura Kalpakian, John Saul, Don McQuinn, Ken Wales, Anne Rule, Meg Chittenden, Stella Cameron, Gerald DiPego, and many others.

Please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Books By Brenda Wilbee