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Shipwreck! (ebook)
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Based on the diary of Emily Woodridge, Shipwreck! chronicles a never-to-be-forgotten tale of love and courage on the high seas.

“Emily, why must you go?” her sister asked. Emily had only one answer. “I love him.”

It was 1870. Emily and her husband, Captain Richard Gurney Wooldridge, were setting sail on the adventure of their dreams. Destination—the Horn of South America and beyond. Invoragated by life at sea, Emily is determined to find her identity in a world of men and take her rightful place beside her husband. Then tragedy stikes. In the face of impossible odds, Emily seeks inner strength of faith in God to face the outward circurcmstances.

She must...her life depends on it.

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Thetis Island (ebook)

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"Take it easy, the doctor's on his way."

Theresa Parker has waited four years to marry Ron, who finally tells her "it's not God's will." She goes to Thetis Island in British Columbia, Canada, to get over her heartbreak and there meets Shawn Malone. When Ron follows her, full of regret, she realizes her future lies elsewhere.

The past is over. God had collected her tears and turned them into tears of joy.
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