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Editorial Freelancers Association's Guidelines

To determine a flat rate for your manuscript, I edit your first chapter for free—based on the industry standard of 1" margins, double spaced, Times or New Times Roman font, font size 12, 250 words per page.

I calculate how long the first chapter takes and then multiple it out by total number of manuscript pages. 
For instance, if your first chapter is 12 pages and it took me an hour to edit, and if your total number of pages is 400 and you require basic substantive editing, the total would be $1500. (400pp ÷ 12pp = 34 hours for the project. Mulitpy 34 x $45/hr = $1,500.

You can go online to see the "Freelancers" rate breakdown by clicking on their name above. For simplicity, I've provided the basics of their price breakdown. 

Manuscript Evaluation .....$45 - $50/hr 
Basic Copyediting .....5 - 10 pp/hr ♦ $30 - $40/hr
Heavy Copyediting .....2 - 5 pp/hr ♦ $40 - $50/hr
Style Editing .....1 - 10 pp/hr ♦ $30 - $40/hr
Basic Substantive Editing .....1 - 5 pp/h ♦ $40 - $60/hr
Heavy Substantive Editing .....1 - 2 pp/hr ♦ $50 - $70/hr
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