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I Define My Services As Follows

2. COPY EDITING: Compliance
3. STYLE EDITING: Formatting

Manuscript Evaluation is an extremely valuable first overview of any manuscript. The editor first reads the material and then gives tough, constructive feedback by providing an in-depth analysis of what works in the narrative and what does not. In nonfiction, the focus is on structure, development, clarity, consistency, quality of evidence. In fiction, the focus is on plot, dialog, characterization, point of view, pacing, sentence variance. Authors receive a chapter-by-chapter written critique and an overall assessment. 

2. COPYEDITING—Compliancy
The copy editor makes a manuscript compliant with standard English grammar and punctuation and is the most common level of editing. Very little is a judgment call. Authors receive a pencil-edited compliant manuscript that may include...  details open in Word

3.  STYLE EDITING—Formatting
The Style Editor standardizes the formatting of text according to one of four manuals. There's no right or wrong way to head a chapter but consistency is necessary. I use a), the Chicago Manual of Style. 

(a) the Chicago Manual of Style (commercial and academic texts)
(b) the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (social sciences)
(c) the Modern Language Association Style Manual (literary criticism)
(d) the Associated Press Stylebook (newspapers)

Author receives a pencil-edited formatted manuscript that may include... details open in Word

The Substantive Editor (sometimes called developmental or content editor) addresses the functional issues, pointing out elements that  derail the narrative by assessing logic, clarity, structure, and organization. The Substantive Editor renders the narrative clear, concise, and easy to read at the sentence, paragraph, and chapter level. Ultimately, she makes the manuscript functional for readers.  Authors receive suggestons for author reflection and a heavily pencil-marked functional manuscript that may include...  details open in Word
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