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Daily Guideposts is created each year by the Books and Inspirational Media Division of Guideposts, a nonprofit organization that touches millions every day.

I wrote for Daily Guideposts for 18 years, contributing over 100 devotionals spawned from my own life, my struggles and triumphs. My all-time favorite is something I've called "Easter Frogs," for it offers the unique insight of my oldest grandson Rome Macy William when he was just three years old.

Now on the first day of the week Mary Magdaline came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb.  –-John 20:1 (RSV)

The Easter following my father’s death was lonely, but my three-year-old grandson came to spend Sunday night with me. At dusk we got into the hot tub to enjoy a full moon and listen to Dad’s frogs behind my house. We talked at length about how tadpoles turn into frogs and what they eat and how they sing and where they go in the winter. Finally Rome said, “Where is Grandpa?”

“He died, so he lives in heaven now.”

“Well, he should come back to visit us,” said Rome.

“Yes, he should. But he can’t.”

“Well yes he can.”

“He can?”

“Yes, Jesus did.”

Perched on my knee, Rome explained how Jesus came back to visit after he died. “He was crufified, and died on the cross. He died. He was dead. So they put him in a big hole. And the angels put a big stone over the hole. And, Granny, the ladies, they were so sad.” He gouged his cheeks with both index fingers to mark the tears. “The ladies were so sad that the angels changed their minds.”

“The angels changed their minds?” I asked in surprise.

“Well they changed their minds because Jesus wanted to visit the sad ladies! And so the angels took away that big stone and Jesus came out. And the ladies were so happy! Grandpa should change his mind, too, and come back to visit us. Then we wouldn’t be sad anymore. Can we talk about frogs again?”
Father in heaven, I know Dad would love to come back for a visit if he could, but I’m glad the “angels changed their minds,” and that You came back because you care when ladies are sad when someone dies.
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