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Guideposts annually collects readers' favorite stories from all their publicatons and compiles them under one cover. My "There's a Man In My Bed," which came out as a Daily Devotional in 1998 was recast here as "Trust and a Sense of Humor.

I like my title better!

TWO YEARS AGO I went to Washington, D.C., to visit a friend for my forty-fifth birthday, and I left my two teenagers home alone. Phillip was sixteen, Blake fourteen. Would they be all right? Would they get into an accident? What if something terrible happened at school? Would the house burn down? What if they made a mess everywhere?

I returned home eight days later at three in the morning. The boys had left on a lamp, there was a welcome-home note on the counter, the house was in perfect order. When I opened the door to my bedroom, I laughed out loud.

There was a man in my bed!

A pair of blue jeans had been carefully laid out, with dirty socks for feet. A T-shirt made up the chest. Rolled-up posters of Kevin Costner worked for arms, mittens served as hands. The head was a Dave Berry book, Dave Berry's Guide to Marriage And/Or Sex, propped against my pillow. A baseball cap topped everything off. And stacked on the T-shirt? A pile of presents!

Nothing untoward had happened. My boys had even missed me and gone out of their way, with their brand of humor and love, to welcome me home.
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