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Skagway: It's All About The Gold
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Are you taking a cruise to Alaska? Then here's the GO-TO book for the curious!

Skagway: It's All About The Gold is the book every Skagway tourist is looking for; a brief but concise and pictorial history of Skagway, AK, at the time of the 1898 Gold Rush—and an expansion of everything seen and heard but which none can hope to remember.

Recognized three times by Princess Cruise Lines as Tour Guide of the Month and popular on Trip Advisor, Brenda invites you to take a tour with her through pages that will keep Skagway and its earliest days ever alive...
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Taming The Dragons

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"Is there really a dragon out there? Wait...I'm supposed to do something about it?" —Eve, the Innocent

IN THIS HIGHLY CREATIVE APPROACH to the problems all women face in varying degrees througout their lives, Brenda Wilbee identifies the many choices women have when faced with conflict and pain. Beginning with Eve the Innocent, Wilbee asserts that even though women would like to go back to the Garden of Eden and childhood innocence, they must confront their inner and outer dragons and grow beyond denial into the kind of action that brings a strong and healthy self-awareness—and allows us all to become a healing force in the world

Based on six archetypes identified by Carol S. Pearson in The Hero Within, Brenda defines six major choices women have at their disposal for any given conflict. Each choice is explained using women from the Bible, history, literature and fairy tale, and from contemporary women and herself. Her research is extensive and woven throughout the stories. 
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Wilbee, a gifted writer and a keen observer of life, has written a book that could not be more timely for women as well as men.
..........—Bruce Larson, author of Living Beyond Our Fears

A wonderful application of ideas in The Hero Within to the issue of conflict resolution for women in a conservative context. It is well filled with stories, examples, and pertinent biblical parallels.
..........—Carol S. Pearson, author of  The Hero Withing

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