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General Writing


The Four Cornerstones of Fiction: Conflict, Crisis, Climax, Resolution

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  Four cornerstones create a foundation upon which to build the walls of every story. Without these four elements there is no story. Why? Because fiction reflects truth. We live in Kansas, there are tornados and Miss Gulch trying to take away Toto. Conflict. Not convinced? Are you then without conflict? Is there anyone you known who doesn’t suffer conflict? And does our conflict not get worse before it gets better? Of course it does.
Common Mistakes
Taming the Dragons Seminar
Historical Interest
On Finding Major Frederick Augustus Bagley
  I grew up with a missing grandmother in my life, 1/4 of my DNA lost. In searching for her, I found her father, my great-grandfather Major Frederick Augustus Bagley, a famous Mountie in Canadian history. By finding him, then, I found her.  
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