If I was to go back to Skagway, I figured, it would be as a motor coach driver for HollandAmerica-Princess. These guiys enjoyed getting out of town, driving tourists up over the pass into the Canadian Yukon. Besides, HAP had inexpensive housing at the Westmark Hotel right downtown--with a view of White Pass. I was ready for something cheap, warm, my own bathroom. Ah...but first...I had to pass the CDL! Well, the way I figured it, I'd keep at it until I failed.

A perfect summer: Something new every day, never knowing until dispatch came out at nine the night before, a variety of places to take people: Carcross, Liarsville, the Red Onion, Gold Rush Cemetery...

The best? Rooming with Stanley, living two doors down from Shari, and hanging out, always hanging out, with my friends from the Garden, enjoying the campfires and my pal Nick.

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