I'd started to write a consice (but expanded) narrative of everything tourists might hear while in Skagway, AK--but which they couldn't hope to remember. And so after a summer in Dawson City, I moved to Skagway. There were three things I wanted to accomplish:

1. Finish the book. I ended up dividing it into three. The first--Skagway: It's All About the Gold--was released during Summer 2013.
2. Become a sourdough. Anyone visiting Alaska for the first time is a Cheechako. But if you live through a winter, you're an old Sourdough.
3. Become part of the community. Only 900 people live in Skagway. I now feel more rooted here than anywhere else. Will I call Skagway home forever? No, but for now I love the winter community and unrelenting goodwill.

Skagway: It's All About the Gold is available for sale in my "store," link below.

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