Our little rental house on Lakeway overlooked the lake. I loved to study down here and the children made themselves at home. We had little money, but they enjoyed waterskiing and sailing with their friends. It did me good to see them so happy. Better yet, as they grew up, they all became involved in various capacities at The Firs and Camp Firwood, a strong foundation for their spiritual life.

Heather was entering middle school when I decided to move her out of Bellevue--to Bellingham, 90 miles north. A better place for us all, her in particular. She had to compete against the wealthy Bellevue crowd in school and would find herself unable to keep up.

We ended up in a little cottage overlooking the lake on Old Lakeway Drive, as picturesque as it sounds. The boys walked around the cormer to school, Heather made friends with Michelle around the other corner, and I went to Fairhaven College at Western Washington University to finish my BA. I studied alternative psychologies in order to understand the how, why, and what of my own mental deterioration and how to piece the fragments. Out of this came Taming the Dragons, published by HarperCollins.

I then went on in school and received my MA in Professional Writing at Western. My thesis was my fourth book.


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