I have to say, I've never come to understand the cruelty of people who enjoy crushing the human spirit. I witnessed it at nine years old and then again in my marrige.

Over the years therapists have struggled with me to understand why I married the man I did. What I do know is that I was manipulated by a clever misuse of the Bible. Yet I smiled. I wanted to be happy. I pretended to be happy.

My sister took the picture to the left just before I left on our honeymoon; I look like a deer caught in the headlights. I knew I was about to be run over. It came sooner than expected. Less than an hour later, the man I married drew a line down the sheets with his finger and said, "Don't ever think about crossing this line, not even your little toe, unless I want you." Ten years later he accused me of hugging my side of the bed.

Larry signed on for a pyramid scheme. I had to quit college. We moved in with his parents. I eventually got out of there by managing and cleaning a brick apartment complex in exchange for rent.


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