1964 was the era of race riots; and Slauson Jr. High, 30 miles from Detroit, was ruled by the black girls. If Bach School was boring and distressing, Slauson was sometimes frightening. Worse, Mum took me to the U of M hospital for allergy shots. Through medical error, I developed disfiguring and debilitating eczema for 3 years. Only my face escaped the terrible itching and unsightly oozing of raw flesh. Each morning after Mum swept 1/2 cup of skin up from around my bed, I went to school with baby oil in my hair, slathered in grease to my heels, and doped up on pills that did little good--looking like I was inside out.

Music was my only source of self worth and today, when I listen to our band records, I'm blown away at how good we were. We really smoked. To this day I love our conductor, Mr. Gabrian!

Thoughout it all, my friend Norma Linebaugh remained loyal.

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