► Getting Started
Caveat: I'm good, but I'm tough.  

I'm tough because I like editors who are tough. It's how I've learned to write---and how I continue to improve.

The thing to keep in mind is that you're in charge. You get to decide how much input you want. This is the beauty. You have the last say. And I do try to be nice. I appreciate the process and will always point out and praise the areas that really work. 

So here's how to get started in 9 easy steps.

1. Read EDITING > My Services to familiarize yourself with the terminology and to form an idea of what you'd like me to do.

2. Contact me via email with any questions—or to pitch your story. I suggest trying out your Elevator Speech followed by your credentials. Yes, you do have credentials. Ask yourself, why am I the person to write this story? This book?

3. I generally get back within 48 hours—even if it’s just to say “I”ll be in touch next week.”

4. If I ask to see your manuscript, I generally ask for the first chapter.

5. I edit this free of charge, based on our conversation. Three things can happen:

(1) If your manuscript takes me an hour or more to edit one page, we’ll talk about finding you a coach.
(2) If I'm intrigued and can be of help, I return your chapter and send you an estimate based on rates recommended by the Editorial Freelance Association. For your convenience, see EDITING: My Rates.
(3) If I'm not the best person to help, I will let you know.

6. If you decide yes, and I hope you do, I ask for half the fee to get started.

7. Half way through the project, I send back my edit for review.

8. If you still want to proceed, I ask for the remaining fee.

9. I then complete the edit and return to you.

PLEASE NOTE: If at any time you want to stop the process, I am more than happy to do so—no questions asked, and I will return what funds haven't been used. Life is too short to stand on ceremony.


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